Scholar of the Week

Jazmine Madrigal
University of New Mexico.

As a result of her passion for problem-solving, Jazmine Madrigal naturally gravitated towards mathematics at a young age. This interest in arithmetic eventually inspired her to pursue a STEM career, and in 2018 GMiS presented Jazmine with a scholarship from Lockheed Martin for her academic excellence. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics at the University of New Mexico.

The daughter of two computer programmers, Jazmine became fascinated with her parents’ work early in her childhood. Her desire to understand more about the intricacies of coding led her to ask questions about the basics of programming. As she became more familiar with the process, she realized the crucial role mathematics plays in computer science. Jazmine soon became interested in studying the subject, as it combined three of her favorite things: computers, math, and problem-solving.

While completing her undergraduate studies, Jazmine has learned programming languages such as JavaScript, C, Haskell, and HTML. Each new language has brought forth challenges which inspired her to think in new and innovative ways. Although some consider computer science to be an arduous field of study, Jazmine draws inspiration from her work, “Just like math, I get so enthralled in the subject that hours in front of the computer only feels like minutes.”

Determined to be an exceptional role model for Hispanic women in STEM fields, Jazmine looks forward to exploring the many career paths that will be made possible by her degree. She advises women not to be discouraged by past underrepresentation. Jazmine explains the shifting demographic in the makeup of STEM fields, “We live in a new society that encourages more women to enter into these fields and make the fields more diverse.” Great Minds in STEM is proud to present Jazmine Madrigal as Scholar of the Week and looks forward to her success as a leader in the STEM community.

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