Scholar of the Week

Josias Beaubrun
University of Central Florida

Josias Beaubrun has always sought to push himself to achieve greater goals and share his joy of learning with others. The first of his family with a college degree, Josias earned a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and is pursuing a Master’s degree with an expected graduation of May 2020. Josias was awarded the Cummins Scholarship by GMiS at the 2019 Conference.

Josias’s Haitian immigrant parents struggled to learn English and survive in America, working grueling 12-hour shifts to provide for their children. Through their toil and effort, Josias understood the value of hard work, the importance of responsibility and self-reliance. Despite the long hours, his parents made great efforts to be present in the lives of their children and demonstrated to young Josias the value in never settling for less in any capacity.

As an undergraduate at UCF, Josias found the desire to apply the knowledge gained in class to real-world situations and began participating in club-based engineering competitions. Though some competitions were based in other engineering disciplines, Josias took these challenges as opportunities to gain knowledge outside of his degree. Josias’ interdisciplinary skills earned him an internship at General Dynamic Ordnance and Tactical Systems. Upon graduation, Josias launched his mechanical engineering career at the Harris Corporation, where he gained hands-on experience in the design of complex electro-mechanical precision hardware.

During his first year of enrolment in the UCF Engineering Master's program, Josias interned with Siemens Energy, where he designed special tooling for field service operations using 3-D printing. This past summer, Josias gained valuable experience as part of a multi-disciplinary team in the MIT Lincoln Laboratory which researches and develops advanced technologies for national security solutions.

Josias has always made great efforts to share his time helping and inspiring others, working with Habitat for Humanity and the Boy Scouts of America among many other organizations. Josias’ participation in the 2016 GMiS Conference in Anaheim California introduced him to volunteering with the GMiS Viva Technology Program, where he continues to this day. Josias looks forward to every opportunity to participate in the program, cherishing his time as a College Captain, and the opportunities it brings to share his passion for STEM with younger generations.

Josias seeks to push himself further, continuously applying his wealth of knowledge and experience in his ongoing pursuit of a mechanical engineering career, while simultaneously inspiring young students through his love of STEM. Though challenging at times, Josias stands strong, sharing, “Whenever I want to quit, I just remind myself where I came from and where I am aiming to be.” For his desires to excel in all areas and to inspire others around him, GMiS is proud to recognize Josias Beaubrun as Scholar of the Week.

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