Scholar of the Week

Juan C. Munoz      

Juan is a 2012 HENAAC-Cummins scholarship recipient.

Juan C. Munoz is in his senior year at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Not only has Juan maintained a 3.91 grade point grade point average going into his senior year, but he has worked to develop his professional capabilities as well. Juan participated in a summer research experience at the University of North Texas where he worked on the physical vapor deposition of thin films. After this experience he worked in the cleanroom at UTEP where he used optical lithography and dry etching techniques to pattern Si(100) wafers for CdTe infrared applications. During the Fall 2011, Juan took part in the Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia student exchange program. There he enrolled in High Voltage and Microwave I Electrical Engineering courses and worked with the Student Connections Department to build a Marketing Media Display project that would increase the distribution of all student related events on campus. His contribution was to satisfy the voltage requirements for each electronic component. In addition, Juan was hired to work as an undergraduate research assistant in the Nano Materials Integration Laboratory (nanoMil) at UTEP to work on CdTe Solar Cell fabrication. This past summer Juan was selected to participate in the Summer Undergraduate Fellowship program at Purdue University to work on advancing thin film solar cells using nanoparticle precursors.

Juan has successfully become a very well rounded engineering student. In addition to his academic success, he holds office positions with various engineering professional organizations including the vice president for both the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and the Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Society. Last year he was awarded the UTEP Frank and Ann Morrow Award for Outstanding International Undergraduate Student and he was elected Collegiate Engineering Senator for the UTEP Student Government Association.

Upon completion of his degree, Juan has two principle career goals. The first is continue his education in pursuit of a graduate degree and be able to integrate his knowledge in industry or academia performing research that can have a positive impact on society; and second, to support other Hispanic and international students to pursue higher education.

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