Scholar of the Week

Juan Vicente      

Juan C. Vicente is in his senior year pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). A Class of 2013 HENAAC Scholar, he was awarded a Lockheed Martin Corporation scholarship for $2,428.

Juan chose to study electrical engineering because as he explains, “STEM is of such great value because of its nature, the ability of being adaptable and flexible to any situation the world throws at us.” Being a STEM leader would allow him to have tremendous influence on someone’s life and at the same time prepare him to deal with an ever changing society and people within that society. He further explains how STEM helps one continue to learn and adapt to the different sciences and technologies being developed.

Juan is an exceptional role model in school, within his family, and in the community he lives. He holds a strong 3.58 GPA all while serving as a member of MAES, IEEE, and NSCS. His peers describe him as someone who “step[s] up as a leader during… assignments and labs” and someone that has “the ability to be a follower and learn from each other.” He is a strong pillar at home where he helps take care of his sister, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He also helps neighbors clean up their yard, helps clean local parks, and tutors high school students in math and science through the GEAR-UP program.

Earning a electrical engineering degree would allow Juan to continue being an advocate for helping others by preparing him to adapt and be an influential figure in a society that is continuously evolving. He understands that in the real world life is not easy, but a STEM degree prepares us to work hard and never give up, to develop a strong work ethic, and allow us to keep learning and growing with knowledge. For Juan a STEM degree would allow him to pursue his goal of being a role model in his community, and as he states, “STEM means everything; it is the part of me that will lead me to a great opportunity.”

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