Scholar of the Week

Karina Quintana      
Florida International University

Karina Quintana is a senior studying electrical engineering at Florida International University. She is one of five recipients of the $2,550 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Scholarship.

In today’s global market, Karina considers an innovative STEM leader to be someone who inspires individuals to not only question their environment but also work towards improving society. She understands that in order to achieve those improvements, they not only need to visualize success in their future, but they also need to be determined to do and not just dream. It is these values that Karina encompasses, which in turn, have set her apart from her peers. Karina sets high standards for herself when it comes to her academics. She hopes that her success as a student and eventually a professional will make her parents proud but mostly, she sees this academic journey as an act of self-discovery.

Karina has enriched her academic studies in electrical engineering with research studies on wireless sensor networks and cancer cells. She has led service-learning projects, coordinated team fundraising activities, created team building initiatives and facilitated leadership retreats through her engagement in leadership development programs and community services. She also participated in a research project in a new field of vehicular communications, which resulted in the design of an actual device, and created a magnetic compass for a senior design engineering team that launched a satellite into space. It is evident through her involvement in research that she is passionate about learning how things work, and this has made her a great asset to any team she is a part of.

As a curious individual and to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing world of technology, Karina has delved into cutting-edge technology and global issues that are impacting our society and the economy. She values different perspectives and tries to solve problems by thinking creatively and critically. She is prepared to overcome any obstacle by continuing to pursue knowledge and staying on top of the constant changes the world currently faces. Karina looks forward to someday becoming a leader similar to those who have inspired her. She shares, “I want to explore a future that will allow me to apply my technical skills, enrich my creative thinking, and blossom into an innovative STEM leader that will benefit our nation and our world.”

There is no doubt that Karina will be a success story in the electrical engineering field, and there’s even less of a doubt that she will fulfill her goals and one day become an incredible leader.

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