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Linda Buzzi      
Carnegie Mellon University

Finishing her first year as a master’s student, Linda Buzzi is in the Product Development Program at Carnegie Mellon University in which she focuses in mechanical engineering, design and business to develop diverse methods of thinking and innovative ways to problem solve. This is the perfect program for her as she is always looking for creative and more holistic approaches to solve any issue she has to face. With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, and a graduate STEM education focusing in design, she aspires to succeed in product development, and ultimately become a well rounded engineer with an ability to make decisions as a leader.

During her undergraduate education, where her concentration was Communication Systems, she learned analytical skills and how to approach complex topics. It was the engineering thought process and challenge of the technical topics that most fascinated her; applying the right knowledge, skill and analysis to arrive at the correct solution. She quickly learned that there are no correct answers in the real world. Although she had a rough start understanding this idea, she saw this as an opportunity to come to new, different and better answers. It is the innovative solutions that she looks forward to every morning working at Deloitte Consulting LLP. As the Senior Consultant in Technology Consulting-Customer Solutions, she helps clients resolve problems through innovative ideas. Her engineering background, has provided the skills necessary to think about issues in new and unexpected ways.

Having a strong understanding that diversity brings different perspectives to a team, Linda volunteered for three years through Deloitte WIN Community Service Initiative to deliver workshops on professionalism and project management skills to female minorities. Knowing the difficulties a female in STEM is faced with, she has been inspired to become a leader and a visible proponent of diversity.

At Northwestern University, Alan Sahakian, Professor and Chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, characterizes Linda as “intelligent, works well with others and has a creative streak.” He was able to observe her character when she joined him in a collaborative design project with Professor Anke Loh of the Fashion-Design department of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. They designed illuminated dresses, which they were shown in several fashion shows and exhibitions.

Reagan Whippen, a Deloitte Consulting LLP co-worker, holds Linda in high regard. She states, “She consistently demonstrates integrity and that she wants to ‘do the right thing’ by proactively investigating issues, including those which are outside the realm of what she ‘owns.’ It is Linda’s enthusiasm for creative thinking that makes her and her work stand out. “Linda’s combination of intellectual horsepower, dedication to high quality, and creativity has made her a valuable member of our firm.” There is no doubt that Linda will be the new leading face of innovative engineering problem solving, taking ideas and design to another realm.

Linda Buzzi was a 2013 HENAAC Scholar receiving one of two Texas Instruments scholarships in the amount of $500.

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