Scholar of the Week

Liza Rodriguez      
Our Lady of the Lake University

Liza is a 2012 HENAAC-Rockwell Collins scholarship recipient.

Liza Rodriguez is a first year graduate student at the University of Texas at El Paso pursuing her master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Liza’s excellent undergraduate record at Our Lady of the Lake University demonstrates her ability to thrive in her master’s program and future STEM career. As an undergraduate, she maintained a 3.7 grade point average while juggling the responsibilities of being a college athlete, working thirty hours a week and successfully completing eighteen hours of course work each semester. She was a member of the Sigma Zeta Math & Honor Society and the Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society and graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

Even more impressive is the research Liza conducted as a McNair Scholar, which served as the beginning of a robust research agenda. Liza endured a competitive application process to be accepted into the McNair Scholars Program and to receive funding for a research project investigating the underlying mathematics of chaotic systems. As primary investigator, she wrote a research paper and created a research poster and presentation. Liza also has experience presenting her research at both local and national conferences.

As a first year graduate student Liza took twelve credit hours. She also audited several engineering courses in order to increase her understanding of the foundations of engineering. Her proactive approach towards her graduate studies highlights her commitment to academia.

Liza’s interest in math and engineering has led to innovative and interesting ideas in enhancing the pacemaker and improving the lives of amputees with innovative prosthesis. As a future engineer, Liza hopes to help lead the nation in technological advancements.

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