Scholar of the Week

Michael Jackson
University of Houston

Throughout Michael’s academic journey, his resourcefulness and perseverance have paved the way for many great opportunities. In 2018, Great Minds in STEM recognized his achievements by awarding him a Cummins Scholarship. An undergraduate student at the University of Houston, Michael is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Petroleum Engineering.

As a first-generation student financing his own education, Michael initially faced the challenge of balancing both school and a full-time job. During his first semester, a demanding 50-hour work week allowed little time to study. The experience inspired Michael to seek out resources that enabled him to focus on his courses. With the proper financial support and scholarships, he was able to achieve a 4.0 GPA for the next two semesters. Michael explains how this success encouraged him to persevere through difficult times, “I began to believe within myself, that with the proper amount of consistency and preparation, I could be successful in anything that I am passionate about.”

During Michael’s academic endeavors, he has taken on many different leadership roles. At the university, he served as a Calculus II Workshop Facilitator, which gave him experience leading and managing a classroom. Michael was later appointed Vice Chair of Communications within the Energy Coalition, a student organization at the University of Houston. In this position, he collaborated with local organizations to feature upcoming events in monthly newsletters.

Most recently, Michael worked as a 5th grade math tutor at an inner-city elementary school in Houston, Texas. He notes that working with children has inspired him to serve as a role model and a mentor, “Knowing that our children will be the future gives us all the responsibility of shaping and motivating them towards a path of excellence.”

As a result of his hard work and dedication, Michael has set an outstanding example for younger generations of students. Great Minds in STEM is proud to recognize Michael Jackson as Scholar of the Week for his leadership skills and ongoing service to the STEM community.

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