Scholar of the Week

Michael Vose      
University of Central Florida

Michael Vose, a senior computer engineering student at the University of Central Florida (UCF), was a 2012 HENAAC-Lockheed Martin Corporation Scholarship recipient. He was among seven students receiving a $2,430 scholarship.

Michael graduated from Brevard Community College (BCC) where he took part in Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) as an event supporter and went on to become the PTK Vice President of Student Affairs. There, he was recognized as an outstanding student after making BCC President’s List, Dean’s List and Honors Convocation. Soon after, Michael graduated with honors and received his A.A. and A.S. in Chemical Technology.

After achieving his Associates degrees, he transferred to UCF where he will continue to challenge his mind and expand his knowledge. With an extended background in STEM developing commercial security software, data warehousing facilities and multi-tiered billing systems, it is evident that Michael engages in new and innovative projects that will give back to his community.

He shows promising dedication and leadership in providing an educational foundation in STEM to communities that would otherwise not be exposed, laying down a path to higher education and STEM careers for minority populations.

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