Scholar of the Week

Randall Van Why      
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Randall Van Why, a sophomore at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMIT), is pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He was among 14 recipients awarded the 2012 HENAAC-NAVSEA scholarship of $10,000.

With an extensive background in academic excellence, Randall prepared himself for college by being at the top of his class at the Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science Charter School (AIMS). He was the House leader of his student government, and led his peers to a successful culmination. While taking rigorous classes, he managed to graduate at the top 10% of his class.

Randall shows promising leadership skills in the challenging tasks he undertakes. He has been recognized time and time again with several 1st and 2nd place awards, including the Cray High Performance Award, the Magellan Award, UNM Department of Neurosciences Award, John Lynwood Gallegos Award and also had the honor to be the AIMS Representative at the Central New Mexico Science Olympiad.

When he obtains his degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, he plans to give back to his community, the Laguna Pueblo, by providing computer and math classes. He has the ambition to work for the Laguna Pueblo government as a teacher to educate the community that made him the accomplished person he is today. He foresees a future with a community-wide WiFi network to open up doors in STEM careers. There is no doubt Randall was an exemplary figure in high school, but he conrtinues to be a role model for his entire community, where his enthusiasm for a better education will lead to a domino effect in aiding a greater appreciation for STEM education.

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