Scholar of the Week

Sandra Hernandez Andrade
California State University, Los Angeles

Sandra Hernandez Andrade was born in Mexico to parents who dreamed their daughters would have the opportunity of freedom and education that they failed to have. Sandra vividly remembers moving to the United States and struggling to find her place in the foreign country she now would call home.
Her early years as a student presented challenges in the classroom for Sandra due to her restrictions  with understanding of the English language. Sandra’s determination, however, was strengthened and she worked hard to keep up with her fellow classmates. In high school, Sandra became interested in engineering after her involvement with the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program at her school. She competed in events held by the program and set goals for herself to become a supervisor in industry or a teacher in hopes of inspiring future generations.
Her experiences with the MESA program encouraged Sandra to enroll at California State University, Los Angeles, to fulfill her higher education dreams. With help from classmates and teachers along the way, Sandra worked hard to keep up academically and is now a third year Industrial Technology student at CSULA. Sandra is proud to be the first in her family to attend college and hopes to inspire those with similar journey’s to push themselves to achieve success. 

Sandra is committed to helping those in her community succeed in school. She currently tutors middle school students and is an assistant for the MESA program at her school, which she credits for bringing her passions to life. Sandra understands that she has become stronger and determined because of the challenges she’s faced. She continues to build and refine her skills to become a more effective leader by stepping out of her comfort zone and always attempting new things. 

Described as a distinguished, dependable and enthusiastic student, Sandra was awarded a Lopez-Pineda Family Scholarship at the 2015 HENAAC Conference. The scholarship is sponsored by Bayron Lopez Pineda, a former GMiS student intern, College Captain and staff member. 

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