Scholar of the Week

Sheila Alemany      
Florida International University

Sheila Alemany, was awarded a 2016 HENAAC Scholarship sponsored by Dell, in the amount of $2,000. Currently a junior at Florida International University (FIU), she is pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. An ambitious student who seeks out leadership opportunities, Sheila supports other students in their understanding of the fundamentals of Computer Systems. Although she set a very rigorous path for her academic career in a dual-degree program, she has been able to remain on the Dean’s list for several semesters at Florida International University.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sheila moved to the U.S. with her family when she was six years old. Both of Sheila’s parents, college graduates themselves, were a strong influence on her as they raised her with the principle that “working smart and hard are they key ingredients to achieving her dreams.” They fostered her interest in computers which began at the age of ten. She was fascinated with the capabilities and the possibilities computers offered. Her interest in computers kept growing and led her to the pursuit of her future career.

In her freshman year, Sheila first realized that being a hardworking student is not always an easy task. In her Fundamentals of Computer Systems course, Sheila underestimated the difficulty of the course. She worked hard and once she grasped the concept, she set herself apart by supporting her classmates who struggled to understand. This classroom leadership experience then led her to the role of tutor for the Academic Success Initiative at FIU. Now as the Team Leader for the Fundamentals of Computer Systems in the Academic Success Initiative, Sheila tutor’s multiple students, and oversees the other tutors supporting students on this subject.

Inspired by her parents who work in careers “they love,” Sheila seeks to graduate by the end of 2018 with her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics. She would like to go further in her education by pursuing a master’s degree or beyond in the field for which she has the greatest passion. Sheila aspires to be a knowledgeable and effective software developer in her community. Sheila’s professional goal is to “own a software development technology firm where I would be able to integrate my ideas into new operating systems or applications that will facilitate usability, and enhance every user’s experience when using an electronic device.”

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