Scholar of the Week

Yadira Flores      
St. Mary’s University

Yadira Flores, recipient of the Davila/Trevino Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,000, is currently a junior pursing a degree in Biology at St. Mary’s University. As the child of Mexican immigrant parents, raised in small villages deep in Mexico and separated from relatives, Yadira faced many challenges growing up away from her family. Yet it is this resilience stemming from her youth that has motivated Yadira to persist and be successful in her education. As the fist in her family to attend college, she is determined to break with cultural stereotypes and boundaries in pursuit of her college degree. Yadira is focused on accomplishing her long-term goal of becoming a family practitioner.

Yadira has a passion for science and wellness. In 2016, she was an intern for the Health Texas Val Verde Clinic. Aside from this internship, she has been involved in several community health organizations in San Antonio, including the Health Occupations Students of America and the Science Living Community.

Yadira strongly believes in giving back. In fact, she believes that “community service should be a part of everyone’s life [because] your life is changed as a volunteer.” Her favorite community service activity is tutoring. As she indicates, this self-fulling opportunity to teach young students, helps to reinforce her own understanding of math and science concepts, and strengthen her learning style. “As students, we can become confused and not understand a concept and need to ask the concept to be explained by someone who does understand and can teach it to us a different way. This also helps us to determine our learning style, which helps to teach ourselves during college.” Tutoring also gives Yadira the opportunity to impart motivation and inspiration, through her stories demonstrating that one can overcome life challenges of family loss, separation and cross-border living.

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