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What is STEM?
STEM is a common acronym used to describe the fields of Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics. These careers will be critical for future generations to maintain the United States’ current status as the world’s technology leader.

What is the STEM-Up™ Initiative?
Piloted in Boyle Heights, a community in East Los Angeles, this first-of its-kind initiative is providing an innovative solution to meet the projected shortage of the nation’s STEM workforce. STEM-Up™ is an action strategy developed from a set of design principles grounded in a theory of change which presents a practical roadmap to gear schools and local communities towards STEM.

How will it be implemented?
Through a comprehensive community based approach consisting of a value chain of opportunities that create Awareness, Inspiration, Motivation and Skills, for students to be able to pursue careers in STEM.

Who will this pilot Initiative affect?
This STEM-Up™ initiative is currently in the Boyle Heights area of East Los Angeles. It works with 20 public schools in the area and connects 92,000 residents to the surrounding STEM Community, consisting of institutions of higher learning, government agencies, corporations and other organizations.

Why is the initiative necessary?
STEM drives innovation and innovation will maintain our nation’s economic base and our status as the world’s technology leader.

It is important to increase and expand the nation’s pool of homegrown STEM talent for our government, industry and universities.

Our students, families and schools are vital to the economic solution and should take part in the opportunities available in STEM fields.

Available opportunities will this initiative bring?

STEM-Up™ works with its partner elementary, middle and high schools and local community to support and supplement their individual STEM needs.

Below is a list of potential opportunities available:

  • Career Pathway Planning
  • STEM-Up™ School Activities/Event Support
  • Interaction with STEM College Students
  • Connection with Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Access to Professional STEM Role Models
  • Hands on class-room activities
  • Science Fair Support
  • Viva Technology™ Programs
  • STEM-Up™ Field Trips
  • STEM Spirit Bulletin Boards
  • Teacher Professional Development & Parent Workshops
  • STEM-Up™ Materials for students, parents and schools
  • STEM-Up™ Awareness Campaign
  • Connectivity/ Collaborations/Coalitions Resources
  • Community Event Support & Outreach

STEM-Up™ is a Great Minds in STEM Initiative, funded through a contract from the Department of Defense as administered by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District office.

For more information contact:

Great Minds in STEM
2465 W. Whittier Blvd. Suite 202
Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 262-0997

Lupe Muñoz- Alvarado
Director Education Programs

Monica Villafaña, Esq.
Director of Professional Programs

Ernesto Preciado
Education Programs Manager


Cal State LA U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Department of defense United States of America



What is STEM?

What is STEM-Up Intiative?

How will it be implemented?

Who will this pilot intiative affect?

Why is the initiative necessary?

What types of oppurtunities will
this initiative bring?




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