Stem Up is an initiative designed to integrate Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) career pathways into schools and local communities, to increase and expand America’s home-grown technical talent.

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A message from the STEM-Up Artist Alliance Chair:

“A solid education has long been recognized as the surest way to secure our community’s future prosperity. But in this new global economy, simply staying in school, or going to college, are no longer enough. The careers of tomorrow will require strong Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills, and the foundation for those skills must be laid at the community and family levels. That’s why I’ve teamed with STEM-Up to united Artists to spread this message.” Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas

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Tony Argote, Jr.
Technical Specialist, Charging Controls
General Motors

The son of Cuban immigrants, Tony Argote, Jr. was brought up with a focus on the pursuit of higher education and the understanding of social responsibility. Growing up in Miami, Florida, Tony and his brother would always compete to build the next coolest thing out of Legos, even building a two-story house equipped with an elevator out of the popular construction toys. He knew early on, that he would be the first in his family to obtain a college degree and that engineering would be in his future.

Tony's interest in new ideas and devices influenced his educational journey. In high school, one of his teacher's encouraged him to apply to the Georgia Institute of Technology. He was accepted and was awarded scholarships for mechanical engineering. Once in college, Tony was hired by General Motors through an internship program that allowed him to work in the automotive industry for several years while still enrolled at the university. Georgia Tech offered a lot of opportunities for students and Tony took advantage of all that he could. He did very well at General Motors setting himself apart as an intern, and upon graduating from the university with a Bachelor's degree, he was offered a full time job.

For his first major project as a professional, Tony was given an assignment that most new engineers do not get. He had the responsibility of developing and testing the charging controls system for hybrid and electrical vehicles, including the Chevrolet Volt. The Volt charge cord was new technology for the industry and so there was not a lot of information available to draw from. But Tony was determined, and he led a team that helped deliver a key component for the Volt and also helped to write standards for the company to follow. Today, he is a Technical Specialist for Charging Controls and leads the way on how General Motors will charge hybrid and electric vehicles in the future. As a young engineer, Tony demonstrates outstanding technical and people skills and is a role model in the community. He co-founded Green Place Detroit (GPD), a local non-profit organization that teaches kids how to use STEM skills to make the world a better place. For the last ten years, he has served in community organizations from after school programs to launching college organizations as well as leading General Motors' K-12 outreach programs.

Tony recently earned a Master's degree in Energy Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan. Great Minds in STEM honored him with the 2013 Most Promising Engineer Advanced Degree - Master's.