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Ms. Cynthia Felix, 5th Grade Teacher - Sheridan Street ES

In the summer of 2013, Sheridan Street Elementary STEM Teacher Ambassador Cynthia Felix participated in the GMiS STEM K-12 Teacher Summer Workshop supported by the STEM-Up initiative. This weeklong workshop series which is conducted in collaboration with the College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology at the California State University, Los Angeles, provides K-12 educators with valuable STEM resources and challenges that can be easily infused into their classroom curriculum. Through this workshop, Boyle Heights educators have the opportunity to share ideas and develop strategies on how to better prepare their students as they begin to transition from elementary, middle, and high school, onto college and into STEM fields.

It was during this summer workshop that Ms. Felix was the proud winner of a Robotix 5000 Robot Commander Kit which was raffled during the closing ceremonies. To Ms. Felix, the robot commander would be a great tool to help excite and increase her students' interests in the fields of STEM.

In celebration of National Engineers Week, Ms. Felix and her 5th grade class decided to conduct a team building exercise; their goal, would be to assemble the robot that their teacher had received during the summer break. Leading up to the big day, Ms. Felix covered several topics with her students including the use of robots throughout history and how they changed the industrial and manufacturing industry. With robots fresh on their minds, these 26 students got to work.

Building the Robotix 5000 Robot Commander is not an easy task, especially since the kit has over 200 working pieces. However, Ms. Felix's 5th graders took the challenge head on, to construct this five foot robot. Separating the class into ten small groups, Ms. Felix made sure each team was in charge of building a specific part of the robot. After two hours and thirty minutes of construction time, the parts were finally ready for inspection by the Great Minds in STEM Education Programs Senior Coordinator, Mr. Roberto Ornelas, or as the students call him "Mr. STEM-Up". Once the robot was STEM-Up certified, the parts were combined to give life to their new classroom mascot "Esteban".

GMiS congratulates Ms. Felix and her Sheridan Elementary School 5th Grade Classroom for bringing Esteban to life. What a great way to celebrate Engineers Week!


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