STEM Professional of the Week

From the laboratory to the factory floor, the corporate board room to institutions of higher learning, Hispanics are advancing the technological capacity of their universities, corporations, government agencies, and military units every day. The HENAAC Role Model of the Week is a weekly online feature that highlights world-class Hispanic engineers, scientists, and technologists in academia, industry, military and the government. Our Role Models are selected from the hundreds of nominees submitted for the annual HENAAC awards. So be a role model and be nominated for our HENAAC Awards.

STEM Professional of the Week Listing

J. Alexandra Hakala, Ph.D.
U.S. Department of Energy
Anthony H. Zertuche, Jr.
Booz Allen Hamilton
Maria Elena Cardwell
The Boeing Company
Angel F. Rodriguez
U.S. Navy
Cristina H. Amon, Sc.D.
University of Toronto