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2014 Technical Posters and Papers Winners

Graduate – STEM

Place Recipient

Development and Characterization of High-Permittivity and Low-Loss Polymer-Ceramic composite Substrates for RF and Microwave Applications

Juan Castro

Doctoral Student, Electrical Engineering
University of South Florida


A Design Support System for Carbon Capture and Storage Problem with Enhanced Oil Recovery

Faris Almansour
Doctoral Student, Industrial Engineering
New Mexico State University


Purification of Catfish Oil Biodiesel Using an Absorption Process

Kevin E. Mis Solval
Doctoral Student, Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Louisiana State University


Place Recipient

Thermal Analysis of a Molten Salt Solar Stove

Verenice Mojica
Senior, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of California, Irvine

2nd AES Encryption Key Extraction Using Scalable GPU Implementation of Correlation Power Analysis (CPA)

Neel Shah
Senior, Computer Science
Northeastern University


In Situ Observation of the Electrochemical Lithiation of Silicon Thin Films

Cody Gonzalez
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

University of California, Riverside

Undergraduate – MATH/SCIENCE

Place Recipient

Effect of Novel Neuroprotective Compounds on Retinal Ganglion Cell Survival and Neurite Growth

Nathalie Fuentes
Senior, Biochemistry
Iowa State University


Comparison of Equations for Calculating Biomass in Temperate Forests and Tropical Dry Forests

Adolfo Rodriguez
Junior, Biology
Universidad del Sagrado Corazon



Cotton Seed Dehulling Process

Maria Solano
Senior, Industrial Engineering

New Mexico State University