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2020 Research Poster Competition Winners

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Place   Recipient
1st X-Ray Computed Tomography of Vertical Bubble Column


Angel Rodriguez
Doctoral Student, Mechanical Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

2nd Techno-Economic Assessment for the Plasma Assisted Production of Acetic Acid from Methane and Carbon Dioxide


Marco Avendano
Doctoral Student, Chemical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

3rd Application of Smart Irrigation Scheduling to Improve Water Use Efficiency for Sustainable Agriculture in the Pacific Island of Guam


Joseph Casila
Masters Student, Chemistry/Biology/Mathematics
University of Guam


Place   Recipient
1st Using Flashcards Via a Voice Assistant


Fariha Pia
Sophomore, Information Technology
Kean University


High-Fidelity Calibration and Characterization of a Hyperspectral Computed Tomography System


Isabel Gallegos
Junior, Computer Science
Stanford University

1st Investigating the Security and Privacy Issues of IoT Devices


Yoham Martinez
Senior, Computer Science
University of Nevada - Reno


Place   Recipient
1st CFD Analysis of the Mitigation of Aerodynamic Uplift Loads Using Roof Integrated Wind Turbines for Reduced Wind Damage and Power Supply Production

Briana Canet
Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Florida International University

2nd Physical System Identification Study of Flapping-Wing Micro-Air-Vehicle (FWMAV)


Kevin Huang/strong>
Senior, Aerospace Engineering
University of California, Irvine

1st Development of a Virtual Reality (VR) Platform for Visualization of Molecular Data for Biomedical Research and Classroom Learning

Nhi Le
Senior, Data Science
University of Houston - Downtown


Place   Recipient
1st Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Traffic Accidents


K. Xavier Doh
Senior, Computer Science
Kean University

2nd Creation of a Bioluminescent Reporter for Detection of 2,4-DNT


Isabella Elmore
Freshman, Mechanical Engineering
George Washington University

1st Integrating Computer Vision into an Education-Based Mobile Application


Jacquelyn Johnson
Senior, Computer Science
University of Houston - Downtown