Conference Attire

Below is the recommended attire for the duration of the GMiS Conference. Additionally, here are some additional resources about professional attire, business casual, casual, etc. to help guide your wardrobe preparation for the conference.

  • General Overview of Professional Attire 
  • Professional Wardrobe - Females
  • Professional Wardrobe - Males

    Wednesday, October 7

    Travel     Casual 
    Workshops, Orientation     Business Casual  

    Thursday, October 8

     Travel     Casual 
     GMiS College Bowl     Business Casual
     Luncheons/Dinners     Business Casual or Business
     Hospitality Suites     Business Casual or Business

    Friday, October 9

    Seminars     Business Casual or Business
    GMiS College Bowl     Business Casual 
    Competitions     Business Casual
    Speed Networking Breakfast, 
    Plenary Session, Receptions
        Business Casual or Business
    Collegiate Leadership Awards Show     Business Casual or Business
    Interviews     Business Attire

    Saturday, October 10

    Career and Graduate School Fair and 
        Business Attire 
    HENAAC Awards Show     Formal or Business Attire