Delegate of the Week

Anel Martinez      
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

Anel Martínez Gómez strongly believes in the power of helping others through STEM. Inspired by the many ways a STEM career can be used to change lives, he enrolled in courses at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (UPRM), where he plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in December of 2020.

Anel has used his time at UPRM to establish himself as a leader in multiple student organizations. For example, he became actively involved in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at UPRM. As the organization’s Media Leader, he has worked diligently to promote SWE and its mission through various forms of media. Similarly, Anel took on the role of Digital and Marketing Manager for the Alpha Helix Biomedical Society Committee. Through these positions, he has helped raise awareness about STEM careers and promote diversity in the fields.

Furthermore, Anel has looked for ways to generate interest in the STEM fields amongst younger students. Anel became involved with Great Minds in STEM (GMiS) in 2018 when he volunteered as a College Captain at GMiS Viva Technology programs. As a College Captain, he supervised and mentored teams of younger students during STEM-based activities and competitions.

As a result of his outstanding performance as a College Captain, Anel was later invited to serve as a Delegate at the 2019 GMiS Conference. He notes, “Being able to participate as a College Captain and a Delegate for Great Minds in STEM has given me the opportunity to work hand in hand with underrepresented communities.” Additionally, Anel’s involvement with GMiS has allowed him to network with peers and professionals from across the country. He explains, “Thanks to GMiS I’ve been able to explore new sights and new opportunities. I have met amazing people, and my social skills have definitely improved.”

Anel has also combined his outreach efforts with his academic research. In 2018, he began working with the Nanotechnology Video Game Development group at UPRM to develop an educational game designed to teach high school and middle school students the basics of nanotechnology. Working with a team of 10 individuals, Anel helped create “Nanito”, a fictional character who serves as the ambassador of Nanoland.

In the field of computer engineering, Anel has also distinguished himself through his research in Biomechatronics Signal Sensing. By developing new technology for prosthetic limbs, he hopes to improve the lives of those with disabilities. Anel’s leadership and dedication have made him an exceptional role model for younger generations, and through his efforts, he has made a significant impact in the STEM community. He notes, “That is the goal, to make a better world for everyone, step by step.” Great Minds in STEM would like to commend Anel for his amazing accomplishments and proudly recognizes him as Delegate of the Week.

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