HENAAC Awardees Legacy Fund

In December 2017, GMiS launched the HENAAC Awardees Legacy Fund philanthropic campaign!  The purpose of HENAAC Awardees Legacy Fund invites HENAAC Award honorees and GMiS Scholars Alumni to help GMiS remain relevant and innovative with regards to its education programs including support of science fairs, the STEM Literacy Series, the K-12 Educators Institute, the GMiS Scholars Program and MentorNet.

Since its beginning, GMiS has been sharing the stories of hundreds of STEM role models to thousands of students across the country. These role models are past HENAAC Awardees and GMiS STEM Scholars, who are contributing to the GMiS vision of keeping America technologically strong. These leaders advocate GMiS' work to empower families and youth onto a STEM pathway!

We invite past honorees to contribute a minimum of $100 to the HENAAC Awardees Legacy Fund. With your support, GMiS can continue to positively transform the opportunities regarding the pursuit of a rigorous STEM education as a gateway into a rewarding STEM career pathway.