2011 Executive Excellence

J. Frank  Armijo
Vice President, Energy Solutions, Information Systems and Global Solutions, President, Mission Support Alliance
Lockheed Martin Corporation

If you were to build an executive who exudes excellence, you’d start with characteristics like leadership and charisma. For Lockheed Martin, they quickly learned they had those characteristics in Mr. Frank Armijo. During his 15-year career there, Mr. Armijo has consistently demonstrated a keen ability to develop strategic and innovative partnerships within the company and across industries.

In his role as Vice President, Energy Solutions, Information Systems and Global Solutions, Mr. Armijo is responsible for a team of over 4,000 engineering and business professionals that support the Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Labor, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, government agencies through the Federal Energy Management Program, as well as state, commercial and regional energy organizations, utilities and businesses. He oversees contracts valued at more than $4 billion and $700 million annually, and has led efforts that saved clients more than 400 kilowatt hours of electricity and four million therms of natural gas. In addition, Mr. Armijo is President and General Manager of the Mission Support Alliance, a Lockheed Martin Joint Venture that executes a $3 billion contract which provides infrastructure and integrated support services for Hanford, a DOE site larger than the city of Los Angeles.

As he oversees successful management activities and new business development, Mr. Armijo is credited with Lockheed Martin being selected by Hill Air Force Base to implement energy efficiency enhancements for six buildings through the DOE’s Super Energy Efficiency Savings Performance Contract, and his Energy Solutions program was selected by ConEdison in New York to implement their commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs.   He also takes on projects that raise the company’s profile in the community. His ability to engage and inspire colleagues every day has been noted on several occasions, as has his dedication to flawless performance and public service.

Mr. Armijo has contributed immeasurable expertise to Lockheed Martin, which has in turn strengthened the solutions and services they are able to provide. This includes solutions to complex technical and business problems in areas ranging from security and emergency response to information technology and cyber security. He’s also made significant contributions to the fields of environmental integration and renewable energy alternatives.

Mr. Armijo has been recognized professionally by many organizations.  He received Lockheed Martin Information and Technology Services’ highest award for business development, Lockheed Martin President’s Award for outstanding business growth efforts, and Best in Industry Team Excellence Award from the Help Desk Institute. Mr. Armijo’s expertise and program contributions to the energy and environmental sectors have had an impact on energy efficiency across the entire nation.

Like all good leaders, Mr. Armijo’s leadership example is as significant in the community as it is in the executive suite. For the past 11 years, he has played a key role in the success of Information Technology Day, a premier event hosted by Lockheed Martin. It’s an educational opportunity that seeks to increase information technology business and training throughout the local and regional community. Two other notable accomplishments include his influence on the transformation of Washington State University’s Tri-Cities branch into a four-year institution, and the founding, with his sister, of the Hispanic Academic Achievers Program (HAAP). Since its establishment in 1991, HAAP has recognized more than 30,000 students and raised more than two million dollars for scholarships.

Married with two daughters, Mr. Armijo has achieved academic, professional and community success. He has an associate’s degree in computer science from Columbia Basin College and a bachelor of arts in management information systems from Eastern Washington University.