Two-Part STEM Awareness Program for Parents & Students

This innovative program includes a bilingual (English & Spanish) Parent Orientation as well as a STEM Awareness Student Day that features team challenges; direct and intense interaction with college engineering and science students; and powerful, eye-opening conversations with STEM professionals. Available from 5th through 12th grade.

STEM Community Event Support

GMiS will provide support for established events to promote STEM Career Awareness, as well as showcase organization and career opportunities within the sponsoring federal agency. Audiences range from 5th through12th grade and college students, to parents, teachers, community-based organizations and their members, as well as STEM corporate and government partners.

Science Fair Support

This program is available to schools that have participated in at least one STEM Awareness Program and are interested in, or are currently conducting a school science fair. GMiS will determine school requirements, secure judges, college student support and supplement the science fair with necessary materials to augment and enhance the event.

Student STEM Impact Analysis

This service is available to schools that have hosted two consecutive STEM Awareness Programs. To achieve the most comprehensive analysis of STEM Impact on students, GMiS recommends the following three components as the Analysis approach: Education Awareness Program(s); School Environmental Scan; to Community Environmental Scan.