STEM Professional of the week

April Acosta      
The Boeing Company

Not many can credit a grade school addition and subtraction contest as the reason behind developing an early interest in math - April Acosta, however, acknowledges just that.
April was raised in El Paso, Texas, by a single mother who worked hard, at times struggling to provide for her and her sister. A perceptive child, April understood early on that in order to avoid financial struggles and worries, she would have to attend college and eventually make a successful transition to a professional career.

April’s love for the sciences started when she was eight years old. She entered and won a grade school math competition that subsequently developed into an interest in the sciences. She would navigate comfortably through the levels of the school system and by the time April was ready to attend college, she redirected her focus to engineering. On the advice of her high school physics teacher, she enrolled at Texas A&M University to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. As a freshman, April was hired into the Space Engineering Institute program where she was selected to work with engineering on NASA projects. By her senior year, April would have another opportunity in the aerospace industry, this time leading to what would become a career with The Boeing Company.

April began her career in Houston with Boeing’s International Space Station Loads and Dynamic group – a group responsible for predicting the dynamic response of space station structures during events such as launch and emergency landing. 
Today, April is a structural analysis engineer, which means she helps ensure that the structures that make up Boeing products are designed and built for performance and safety. As of spring of last year, April has been working on analysis of innovative jetliner wings made of composite materials rather than metal for a new commercial jetliner, the 777X. 

April has been active in programs to mentor others and let young people from underrepresented communities know about STEM careers, and has served as a volunteer for organizations and activities inside and outside of Boeing that support diversity, green engineering and strengthening work families.

April holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and applied science from the University of Pennsylvania. 

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