STEM Professional of the week

Martin B. Garcia, Jr., Ph.D.      
Raytheon Company

Martin B. Garcia, Jr. grew up in San Antonio, Texas, the seventh most populated city in the United States.  Through his tight-knit Hispanic family, Martin learned the value of hard work and developed a passion and appreciation for Mexican culture. 

At an early age, Martin demonstrated his engineering abilities. He had a natural flair for building, designing and fixing things. From disassembling a cassette radio, to constructing a fully functional electric car and creating moving Lego masterpieces, Martin always found ways to keep himself productive and busy.

While his technical perception was evident, his family noticed his struggles with reading and writing. After being tested, Martin was discovered to have dyslexia, a reading disorder, and in order to help him overcome this learning disability, Martin was sent to a school that specialized in kids with these types of learning disabilities. It would be here, that the future engineer would not only receive the proper tools for success but also discover his true potential.

After three years at the specialized school, Martin decided to return to a public high school to resume a normal teenage life. And that he did. Outside of school, he competed in extreme sports such as motocross while continuing to tinker in the garage on random projects. Soon after graduating high school and overcoming learning obstacles, Martin enrolled at Texas Tech University, where he would remain for the duration of his educational career.  

After completing his Ph.D. in 2013, Dr. Garcia went to work for Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems, where he has fulfilled several roles across multiple disciplines. He is a Chief Engineer, Manager as well as a Subject Matter Expert but his scope and influence goes well beyond these official positions. As the chief engineer for the Navy’s H-60 Multi-Spectral Targeting System (MTS) program, Dr. Garcia’s primary responsibility is to provide technical insight and guidance to the program, through design, production issues, upcoming proposals and upgrades through innovative concepts for sensor technologies used on helicopters and drones.
As a section manager for the Performance Modeling and Assessment Group, he is responsible for direct line management activities and provides leadership for a team of engineers.

Dr. Garcia is also a champion for furthering STEM education. He works with elementary and high school students to help them understand real-world examples of the importance math; he coaches and judges an annual robotics competition and works with Hispanic students from Princeton schools to demonstrate the importance of education and engineering. 

Dr. Garcia earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees in systems engineering, all from Texas Tech University.  He is a Raytheon Scholar, has won two Mentoring Excellence Awards, and holds two patents.  Dr. Garcia received a HENAAC Luminary Award at Great Minds in STEM’s annual conference last October. 

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