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Charles Parkhurst      
Texas Instruments

Charles Parkhurst was born in the small town of Comerío in the central-eastern region of the island of Puerto Rico. As a child, Charles developed a sense of perseverance that would be the driving force behind his success.
In the 11th grade, with limited exposure to technical fields, Charles decided that engineering would be the area of study that would take him far from the town where he spent his early years. The deep love of learning and innovation inspired him to enroll at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, where he would eventually graduate magna cum laude with a degree in electrical engineering. 

Charles’ professional career began with the American electronics company, Texas Instruments, during his senior year in college. He was part of their intern/co-op program, which gave Charles the chance to explore his career options while still in school. Since, Charles has been enjoying a steady rise within the company. Today, as a senior designer of Analog Integrated Circuits and a senior member of the Technical Staff in the HI Reliability Products – High Performance Analog division at Texas Instrument, is highly regarded by his team as an innovative leader and collaborator.

He developed a new design strategy for TI’s High Reliability Product Line that included the design of analog integrated circuits for extreme environments such as space and high temperature. As a result, he was promoted to Senior Member of Technical Staff for these outstanding technical contributions. His current innovations are focused on linear integrated circuit design and have allowed for unprecedented performance, giving TI a competitive advantage.

Charles has held technical leadership assignments in multiple TI businesses: High Speed Amplifiers, Test and Measurement and currently, Medical and High Reliability. In these roles he has been granted 15 U.S. patents in the areas of analog integrated circuit design and has three patents pending in other specializations.

Charles is an active member of TI’s Hispanic/Latino Insight diversity initiative, where he serves as an advisor to senior management on diversity with the goal of improving Hispanic/Latino talent. He returns to his hometown in the mountains of Puerto Rico about once a year to visit family and friends. In September, Charles was honored for his achievements during a ceremony by the town’s leaders.

Charles was honored with a HENAAC Luminary Award last October by Great Minds in STEM.

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