STEM Professional of the week

Jose Camberos, Ph.D.      
U. S. Air Force Research Laboratory

Internationally recognized for his exceptional and continuous contributions to the development and circulation of truly multidisciplinary methods for aerospace vehicle systems, integration, analysis and design, Dr. José Camberos is exhibiting those contributions as a Senior Research Aerospace Engineer for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (USAF) Multidisciplinary Science & Technology Center. Here, he is responsible for developing critical technology to meet advanced systems requirements in the area of aerospace vehicles. Some of his responsibilities include development and evaluation of computational modeling and simulation techniques with emphasis on multidisciplinary methodologies for computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, and heat transfer to insure that advanced aircraft missiles, and spacecraft comply with military specifications and advanced requirements. 

Born in a small town of Jalisco in Mexico, Dr. Camberos came to the U.S. via California and began his educational exploration in the Los Angeles County School District. Showing great promise from an early age, he  graduated Valedictorian from high school and chose to begin his pursuit of higher education at the University of California Berkeley on a full scholarship.  After graduating with a double major, he then transitioned to his next phase as a master's student at Stanford University, again as a double major. He didn't stop there. Dr. Camberos continued in pursuit of a Doctoral degree and committed to his alma mater Stanford to achieve that dream. The last three years of his graduate schooling were supported by the USAF Palace Knight Program, which secured his employment at the Air Force Research Lab, Wright-Patterson AFB OH where he has served since 1992.

The impact of his work has been recognized by the publications of 3 books. These works demonstrate the uniqueness of the foundational work to which Dr. Camberos contributed and cultivated over the years. In addition, his role as adjunct professor, science fair mentor, and involvement with the community, he has been able to serve as a STEM role model within the Hispanic community and beyond, impacting lives of many young people from elementary school to college graduates.

Dr. Camberos earned a bachelor's in materials science and engineering and mechanical engineering from U.C. Berkeley, a master's in history and philosophy of science and aerospace engineering from Stanford University. Completing his educational  journey by obtaining a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering also from Stanford University. He and his wife Tina are raising three children and are active members of their local Church, where they teach 1st - 3rd grade Sunday school. Dr. Camberos serves as Director for the AWANA Sparks Children's Program and has served as President of the Dayton Area Soccer Association. He was honored with HENAAC's STEM Military and Civilian Hero Award in 2013.

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