Scholar of the Week

Jennifer M. Langdon
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Jennifer is a 2012 HENAAC-NAVSEA/SPAWAR scholarship recipient.

Jennifer Marie Langdon is in her freshman year at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology where she is majoring in electrical engineering.

Jennifer graduated from Southwest Secondary Learning Center (SSLC), a state-chartered charter school located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. SSLC uses a computer based curriculum and because of this Jennifer became very proficient in the usage of computer applications and techniques. For class assignments, Jennifer would listen to prerecorded presentations on all subjects, access reference materials, solve problems and take tests to measure progress and proficiency. Jennifer enrolled at SSLC because she was very interested in taking college courses while attending high school and knew that the flexible schedule presented at SSLC would allow for much more diversity in scheduling. Jennifer took her first college course at Central New Mexico Community College the summer after her freshmen year. She completed eight college courses successfully, totaling twenty-eight college credit hours.

Jennifer was a member of the SSLC student council each of her four years, the last two serving as vice-president. SSLC requires that their student council members complete a minimum of sixty hours of service to the school in the form of meetings, planning events, hosting events and mentoring young students. She also participated on the yearbook committee, and served as the co-president of her church’s Youth Leadership Council which she helped establish two years ago.

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