Scholar of the Week

Tyler Lizzo
Georgia Institute of Technology

To Tyler Lizzo, engineering is a tool that can help improves the lives of all, especially to minority communities. For his continued efforts towards encouraging minority involvement in STEM, Tyler was awarded the Leidos Scholarship and recognized as a Great Minds in STEM (GMiS) Scholar. Currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GT), Tyler plans to pursue a Master's degree after his graduation in 2022.

Whether through the testimony of others or by his accomplishments, Tyler has displayed an aptitude for excellence in his scholastic and extracurricular activities while attending high school in Ellicott, Maryland. Through his dedication, he earned accolades in his high school’s Indoor Track Team, Basketball Team, and served in the school’s chapter of Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society.

In addition to his participation in programs offered at the school, Tyler was an avid member of the Eagle Scouts, serving as an active member for seven years, and a Head Instructor for two. Of his entire participation in the Eagle Scouts, Tyler places great importance on his work designing and constructing a prayer garden and path for the St. Alphonsus Catholic Church. As the project leader, Tyler gained valuable experience coordinating all aspects of the project, including organizing materials, making proposals, and leading contractors and volunteers. Though constructing the Prayer Garden gave him valuable logistical and leadership experience, Tyler’s passion for the project was born from his desire to create positive changes for the benefit of others.

Following his work with the Eagle Scouts, Tyler began working with TeCanal, an organization aimed at introducing STEM education and access to technology to low-income communities. With TeCanal, Tyler served as a weekly tutor for students in nearby Baltimore. Through his work with the organization, Tyler experienced first-hand how even the most highly motivated students in Baltimore face challenges in education, sharing, “These students are bright and driven, yet many of them suffer due to circumstance rather than lack of aptitude. A majority of these students do not have access to computers at home, which significantly impairs their ability to complete their schoolwork. My time with TeCanal has shown the impact that technology can have on the development of a child, an issue I hope to solve.”

Now in his undergraduate program at GT, Tyler has set his sights on academic success, becoming a recipient of the University’s Office of Minority Education & Development (OMED) First Year Award. In July 2019, Tyler launched his career path and joined the Department of Defense as an intern, where he continues through the summer. Continuing his commitment to helping others, Tyler plans to join the GT Honor Society of Lambda Sigma, where he will work to implement tutoring programs for students in need. For his diligent efforts towards a career in Computer Engineering and his commitment to advancing minority support in STEM, GMiS is proud to recognize Tyler Lizzo as Scholar of the Week.

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